Argonia Cup

2019 - Argonia, Kansas

The team was tasked with designing a rocket to reach a minimum of 8000 ft AGL apogee and a payload that will return a golf ball to a predetermined location. 

While our deployment system and launch vehicle performed great, our payload system misguided itself out of sight.  As the groundbreaking mission for ARC, the  insight and knowledge gained has been extremely valuable to the team.



The team is tasked with designing a rocket to fly between 3500 and 5500 ft AGL apogee and deploy a payload that will retrieve simulated lunar ice in predetermined locations.  

The current proposed design employs the BlueWhale launch vehicle to carry and deploy the ARMADLO mission system. The specific designs of the entire 2020 USLI rocket system are the product of 2 years of team experience in HPR. For the entire preliminary design report on the BlueWhale and ARMADLO system click here!

As one of the team's first design process of this size, ARC hopes to achieve successful performance of all designed systems. Successful launch and mission  system deployment is the ultimate goal of the team.

ARC 2020 USLI Rocket

BlueWhale & ARMADLO

Current designs of the ARC 2020 USLI rocket yield what is internally known as BlueWhale. BlueWhale is a 13 foot long airframe to launch our payload. Housed in the lower airframe are the ARMADLO mission systems. The ARMADLO is the main mission payload, which will ultimately retrieve and contain the lunar ice.